Do You Need a Piano Instructor

If you are serious about playing the piano you need to weigh out your options. There are two ways to learn how to play this musical instrument. The first one being hiring a piano instructor and the second one teaching yourself. There are pros and cons to both sides and the right learning method depends solely on the individual!  

The Traditional Method

Hiring a piano instructor back in the day was the most common form of learning how to play this instrument. A teacher can help you get started, teach you all the basics, and offer tips and tricks to becoming a better pianist. Consequently, hiring a good instructor means you won’t develop bad habits and they’ll be able to fix your technique, posture, and hand position as needed.

Teaching Yourself

With all the online resources currently circling the internet, it has become easy to find the right tools to teach yourself how to play just about any instrument from the comfort of your home! This method does not require you to spend any additional money because you can find free video tutorials and guides online.

It is possible to teach yourself how to play the piano, however, you need to have a strong discipline and be able to motivate yourself. If this sounds like you, you’ll do just fine learning on your own. If this does not sound like the type of person you are, then a piano instructor is a better option!

Whichever method you decide on, remember to practice regularly and learn from your mistakes. Don’t get discouraged and look for help when needed.